Accelerated Learning and Life Skills


Accelerated Learning Techniques for Students is available at and Barnes and Noble. If you want to know how to learn faster and retain more of what you learn, this is definitely the book for you! This international best-seller has hit #1 in Study Skills in 7 different countries ( United States, France, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Germany).

Click here for the Kindle version and here for the paperback version.

Accelerated Learning Techniques for StudentsAmazon best seller



If you want more information on accelerated learning, the brain, or personal development, check out the following books. They are all excellent and I highly recommend each one.

The book is packed with useful information on accelerated learning but it’s somewhat dense:

Useful information on teaching and designing trainings using accelerated learning techniques:

Excellent audio book on accelerated learning (with Brain Tracy):

Great book on how to incorporate Quantum Learning into your classroom:

Learn highly effective strategies for taking control of your life and unlocking your potential:

My absolute favorite of all of Tony Robbin’s audio programs:

A must read for anyone with a brain (that means you!) – well written and informative:

A must read for expectant or new parents – very useful information:

A well written and informative book on Joshua Foer’s journey to winning the US memory championship:

Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck explores the power of our mindset – all parents should read this:

Fascinating book on neural plasticity and how the brain adapts itself:

Daniel Coyle explores the secret of talent and how we unlock it:

This is a great book and must read for any science, math, or engineering students: