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Make Your Message Memorable – Five Brain Facts All Presenters Should Know

In this week’s video blog, I discuss 5 facts about the brain that anyone with a message that they want remembered should know. This video is especially valuable for teachers, speakers, trainers and anyone else wanting to make sure that their content is remembered long term.

Here is a preview of the 5 brain facts:

1) VAK (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic) memories are stored in different parts of the brain.

2) Our brains can pay attention for about 10 minutes before losing focus.

3) Our brains are trained to respond to novelty.

4) Emotions play a huge role in learning (or not learning) something.

5) The primacy-recency effect.

Thanks for watching and Happy learning!

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  1. Nothing is the result of Darwinian evolution because it has no basis in reality. Check out “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist.” It’s a great book that refutes the blind faith required to believe in the Darwinian Delusion.

    Again, thank you for the articles. I am finding them useful as I do my own studying.

    Please don’t be offended at my attack of Darwinian evolution–it’s not an attack on you. It’s an attack on a false religion (yes, Darwinian evolution is 100% faith, often used to try to explain behavior discovered through science). Again, I really recommend reading “I don’t have enough faith to be an atheist” or search for it and watch the videos put on by one of the authors. Great stuff.

    Thanks again, Mr. McCullough!

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