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Five Easy Strategies for Achieving SMART Goals – Part 1

Reach Your Goals

There are literally millions of articles, blogs, essays, mp3s, books, courses, and seminars on the topic of setting and achieving goals. I’ve taken many courses and seminars (some great and some not so great) and I’m well read on the subject. More importantly, I’ve personally experimented with many different techniques for almost two decades. I’ve […]

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Manage Your Physical and Mental Energy

Brain Dumbell Curls

As a student, one of the most important skills you can have, one that will help you succeed in school and in life, is the ability to manage your physical and mental energy. Managing your energy is all about being aware of how you are feeling both physically and mentally. Have you ever tried to […]

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Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

Do you want to know one of the keys to dramatically increasing you chances of achieving any goal or quickly learning any new skill? Of course you do, who wouldn’t. Well, here it is. One of the keys to succeeding in anything is simply the belief that you can and will succeed. To paraphrase a […]

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5 Simple Techniques to Double Your Reading Speed

Speed Reading

The average adult reads about 250 words per minute. This is much slower than most people are capable of reading. Using a few simple but effective techniques, it is possible to increase your reading speed to 500 words per minute or faster. The five techniques presented below will allow you to double your reading speed […]

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Feed Your Brain: Ten Brain-Healthy Foods

Brain-Healthy Foods

I recently came back from a 4-day training in LA called Extreme Health, where I got the opportunity to learn from some of the best health experts on the planet. I returned from the training with a renewed motivation to eat healthier – not only for my body but also for my brain. Although on […]

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The 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment


I normally consider myself to be an upbeat, positive, and action-oriented person. However, this academic year has been very challenging for me and I found myself complaining – a lot! Even though I am well aware of the damaging physical and emotional effects that complaining can have, I still fell into an unhealthy pattern of […]

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The Power of Focus

Think Positive

Now that I’ve written a few posts on preparing your mind and physical space for learning, I’d like to switch gears and share with you a valuable life skill that can immediately improve the quality of your life. Before I share this skill with you, please watch this short one minute video. It has an […]

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