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So  what exactly is a funshop?

A funshop is similar to a workshop or traditional training but without the drudgery and hard work. Funshops are designed using the principles of accelerated learning in order to optimize student learning in a fun and upbeat atmosphere. Some of the components incorporated into each funshop include:

A positive and uplifting learning environment.
People learn best when they are in a positive and joyful environment. Learning is fun, just ask any child. The more fun you can have during the learning process, the faster and more efficiently you will learn.

Active involvement by the learner.
Learning is not a spectator sport. You can not learn how to ride a bike by reading a book or listening to someone explain how. You have to get out there and actually do it. The same is true for learning any new subject. People learn best when they are actively involved in the learning process.

Collaborative learning among peers.
We are all social creatures. Most people learn best in a social situation where they are actively collaborating with their peers. Learners are encouraged to work together to construct their knowledge and then share what they have learned with others.

A variety of multi-sensory techniques that appeal to all learning styles.
Although no two people learn exactly the same way, everyone learns better when the learning is multi-sensory. The more senses that are involved, the deeper the learning. Funshops use a variety of activity-centered techniques that incorporate multiple senses.

Contextual learning.
Information and skills learned without context are hard to absorb and quickly forgotten. Learning any new skill or subject is most effective when the skills are learned through real-world examples and applications of the knowledge.

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