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Brain Rules for Students and Educators

Brain Rules for Students and Educators

In this week’s video blog, I go through the 12 brain rules from Dr. John Medina’s awesome book “Brain Rules”. I discuss each of the brain rules and then give some insights about how students and educators can use these rules to learn and teach more effectively. I share some great information so please watch […]

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Make Your Message Memorable – Five Brain Facts All Presenters Should Know

Make Your Message Memorable capture

In this week’s video blog, I discuss 5 facts about the brain that anyone with a message that they want remembered should know. This video is especially valuable for teachers, speakers, trainers and anyone else wanting to make sure that their content is remembered long term. Here is a preview of the 5 brain facts: […]

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3 Important Memory Principles to Help You Remember Names

3 memory techniques capture

In this week’s video blog, I share with you three important memory principles and how you can use them to remember people’s names. I also share with you a powerful app that I used in conjunction with these principles to quickly memorize all 100+ of my students’ names – even while in Vegas 😉 Here […]

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5 Quick Tips to Get the Most of Your 86,400 Seconds

5 Quick Tips Capture

Everyone gets the same amount of time everyday day – exactly 86,400 seconds. Why is it then that some people accomplish so much more than other people? The simple answer is that people who get more done every day have learned how to use their time more effectively. The key word ion that last sentence […]

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My One-Year Challenge

Day 1 Capture

I recently returned from an amazing training called the World’s Greatest Speaker Training with Brendon Burchard. One of my biggest take aways from the training is the need to be consistent with my online videos. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very consistent over the last year. Teaching full-time, starting a speaking career, raising a family, and […]

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How To Ace Your Final Exams

How To Ace Your Final Exams

Since finals are right around the corner for many students, I thought I would take the opportunity to make a quick ~5-minute video with some useful tips to help you ace your final exams. This month’s video blog is titled “How To Ace Your Finals Exams (5 Quick Tips in 5 Minutes)”. The video is […]

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10 Rules of Good Studying – Part 2

Top 10 Rules of Good Studying - Part 2

In last month’s video blog, I discussed the first five of the 10 rules of good studying from Dr. Barbara Oakley’s best selling book “A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math an Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra)”. In this month’s video blog, I discuss the last 5 rules of good studying. Please […]

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Dr. Joe’s Secret for Super Students

Super Brain

Dr. Joe’s Secret for Super Students: The Science of Effectively Teaching Science. Last summer, I appeared on my very first radio show. I was interviewed on the talk show “Living The Dream” on Radyo Filipino Amerika in San Diego, CA. The topic was accelerated learning techniques and how I apply them in my classroom to […]

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Ten Rules of Good Studying – Part 1


The spring semester is well under way. If you’re a student, your first set of exams (or celebrations as I like to call them) is probably right around the corner. This is your chance to show what you know and see for yourself the progress that you’ve made since the beginning of the semester. Get […]

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Ten Rules of Bad Studying

Top 10 Rules of Bad Studying - screen capture

Wow – I can’t believe it’s been more than four months since my last blog post! I apologize for the long delay. Last semester was crazy busy for me and I chose to prioritize other things over this blog. (A quick side note: Notice the language that I used –  “chose to prioritize” rather than […]

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