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How To Ace Your Final Exams

Since finals are right around the corner for many students, I thought I would take the opportunity to make a quick ~5-minute video with some useful tips to help you ace your final exams. This month’s video blog is titled “How To Ace Your Finals Exams (5 Quick Tips in 5 Minutes)”. The video is actually 6.5 minutes long, but I guarantee it is well worth your time.

Please watch the video below before you study for your upcoming final exams. It will help you get the most of your valuable study time.

Here is a recap of the 5 tips:

1) Spread out your studying.
2) Study in short, focused bursts of attention.3) Apply the 80/20 principle.
4) Practice how you will be tested.
5) Get a good night’s sleep.

Good luck on your final exams.

Thanks and happy learning – Joe

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