Accelerated Learning and Life Skills


“Joe is an inspiring presenter! I left with practical knowledge that I can apply right away. He’s down to earth and approachable with a passionate spirit. His course is simply fantastic!”
Justin Lujan

“Great Funshop! I came in with high expectations and I was still blown away.”
Nick Tordoff

“I just attended a “Funshop” of Joe’s. It was probably the most useful 3 hours of my life. I’m very thankful for the opportunity to learn from him and I plan to spread the “Joe word”.”
Megan (from review)

“Truly earns the title of Funshop. I never zoned out because of the variety of techniques used. It felt like a learning party!”
Michaela Crill

“I feel blessed to have been introduced to the wisdom shared during this Funshop. I’m leaving motivated and with a renewed confidence in myself.”
Athena Gallegos

“I learned so much and I was psyched about it too! I had two hours of sleep last night and I was wide awake for it. It was exciting. Thanks.”
Erik Finsand

“Joe’s Funshop was inspirational and highly encouraging. Every single person can apply these techniques to all aspects of life. Unleash your inner brain beast!”
Neil Ostermann

“Joe is an excellent speaker who really engages the audience. Rarely have I seen a speaker so eloquent, inspirational, and informative.”
David Levy

“The funshop was a real eye opener. Made me really think about how to change my overall perspective. Goes far deeper than just studying. Extremely motivating and now I know I am an untapped genius.”
Michelle Nottoli

“You sir are without a doubt the finest professor I’ve ever had the pleasure of taking a class with. Your style of teaching from the recap to the fun and playful banter made this class so awesome for so many of us… You provide so much and so many resources and you do it in such an organized and thoughtful way. The level of preparation is amazing. It seems that every move you make has a purpose and was well thought out. I’ve simply never seen anything like it.”
Matthew Mackay

“I’m so excited about learning, I can’t wait to apply all that I have learned here. Thank you.”
Darla Green

“Dr. Joe had the whole audience laughing in the first 10 minutes, and we kept it up for 3 hours. The first evening course I’ve been to where participants left more energized than they arrived.”
Landa Rosebraugh

“Using his techniques I cut my study time in half, I learn more while I’m in lecture, and I’m more productive at work. Thank You Joe!”
Candice Cane (from review)

“The workshop presents valuable information for becoming the student you want to be.”
Janaye Marshall

“This has greatly inspired me and given me almost secret strategies in adjusting my study habits.”
Parker Erickson

“Dr. McCullough is a passionate teacher who is not only eager to share his ideas and techniques, but gives the confidence that you will be successful if you only try.”
Christian Yunngert

“Joe’s approach to individuality of learning is resourceful and entertaining! You won’t be disappointed!”
Rebecca LaPlante

“Presentation reinforced concepts I have had in my mind but hadn’t pieced together. Really showed the potential genius in all of us.”
Patrick Mojica

“Studying is not easy, but with Joe’s tools you will succeed and enjoy learning.”
Mayra Renteria

“The funshop was amazing! It showed me so many ways to improve my studying and retention of information.”
Hunter Richards

“Great, dynamic, fun! Joe has a great sense of humor!”
Nancy Stucker

“It was great. I’m inspired and want to apply it all immediately”
Wesley Watts

“All teachers need to model Joe on how to TEACH. Great guy that want you to succeed. Joe ROCKS!”

“He teaches accelerated learning stuff at the beginning. SERIOUSLY use this knowledge. I did all semester and it made a huge difference.”

“Love your energy, had a great time! I will put these learning techniques to use this semester! Great stage presence.”
Veronica Urabe

”Joe makes learning about the learning process fun, enjoyable, easy, and very engaging. I learned many techniques I will use in the future.”
Ivan Napoles

”Positive, energetic, useful information effectively presented. Funny and interesting.”
Jesse Patterson

”Joe is a very energetic speaker with a passion for the material.”
Brandon Faria

”Awesome! Joe is super energetic and creative to help you learn better. Truly helped me out. Thanks Joe!”
Alvaro Hernandez

”Awesome experience that is easy to remember.”
Alexander Gurr

”After the funshop, I felt more motivated and empowered to take on tasks I saw as daunting.”
Ariel Parker

”Absolutely great. You are a hero and warrior for good educational techniques. Sorely needed in our society.”
Al Haindl

”I’m excited to try out the tools and techniques learned in this workshop in my daily life, immediately.”
Jennifer Ford