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How To Double Your Reading Speed

How To Double Your Reading Speed capure

In this week’s video blog, I share with you 5 simple strategies to help you double your reading speed. These strategies will help you increase your reading speed from about 200 words per minute (the average adult reading speed) to over 400 words per minute. As a brief recap, listed below are the 5 simple […]

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The 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment

21-day no-complaint experiment capture

This week’s video blog is all about complaining – or more specifically, not complaining. I am starting the 21-Day No-Complaint Experiment again. The first time I seriously tried this enlightening experiment, I never made it past 9-straight days without complaining. After about 9 months, I eventually stopped. This time, however, I hope to finish the […]

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3 Important Memory Principles to Help You Remember Names

3 memory techniques capture

In this week’s video blog, I share with you three important memory principles and how you can use them to remember people’s names. I also share with you a powerful app that I used in conjunction with these principles to quickly memorize all 100+ of my students’ names – even while in Vegas 😉 Here […]

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5 Quick Tips to Get the Most of Your 86,400 Seconds

5 Quick Tips Capture

Everyone gets the same amount of time everyday day – exactly 86,400 seconds. Why is it then that some people accomplish so much more than other people? The simple answer is that people who get more done every day have learned how to use their time more effectively. The key word ion that last sentence […]

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5 Simple Strategies for Achieving SMART Goals


Wouldn’t it be great if you could design the kind of life that you always wanted to live? Well, if you get good at setting and achieving goals, you can do exactly that. In this week’s video blog, I discuss SMART goals and 5 simple strategies for how to achieve them. Enjoy. For your convenience, […]

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My One-Year Challenge

Day 1 Capture

I recently returned from an amazing training called the World’s Greatest Speaker Training with Brendon Burchard. One of my biggest take aways from the training is the need to be consistent with my online videos. Unfortunately, I haven’t been very consistent over the last year. Teaching full-time, starting a speaking career, raising a family, and […]

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10 Rules of Good Studying – Part 2

Top 10 Rules of Good Studying - Part 2

In last month’s video blog, I discussed the first five of the 10 rules of good studying from Dr. Barbara Oakley’s best selling book “A Mind for Numbers: How to Excel at Math an Science (Even If You Flunked Algebra)”. In this month’s video blog, I discuss the last 5 rules of good studying. Please […]

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Five Easy Strategies for Achieving SMART Goals – Part 2

Reach Your Goals

In Part 1 of this post, I discussed the qualities of any well-defined SMART goal. If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, please read it first by clicking here. In this post, I will share with you five strategies for achieving your SMART goals, no mater how big they may seem. 1) Believe you can […]

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Five Easy Strategies for Achieving SMART Goals – Part 1

Reach Your Goals

There are literally millions of articles, blogs, essays, mp3s, books, courses, and seminars on the topic of setting and achieving goals. I’ve taken many courses and seminars (some great and some not so great) and I’m well read on the subject. More importantly, I’ve personally experimented with many different techniques for almost two decades. I’ve […]

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How to Remember Important Dates and Numbers


I have been finishing up the memory techniques chapter from my book so memory has been in my mind a lot lately (no pun intended). I therefore wanted to share with you a quick and powerful technique for remembering date and numbers: An easy way to remember numbers is to make a sentence with the […]

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