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Accelerated Learning Webinar

Capture from my webinare with Gretchen

Yesterday I had the privilege of being the guest expert on a one-hour webinar on accelerated learning techniques. It was a ton of fun, and I had a chance to test out my new computer and webcam. I think it turned out pretty well. Since the beginning of school is right around the corner, I […]

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Alpha State

The human brain

In my previous post, I discussed the four different kinds of brain waves and how the alpha brain wave state is the optimal state for learning. When our brain is in alpha state, we have the greatest access to our higher order thinking skills. We are in a state of relaxed focus which is perfect for learning, […]

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Brain Waves

Brain Waves

You may have heard about brain waves and that certain brain wave states are better for learning than others. So what exactly are brain waves and which kind is best for learning? I’m glad you asked because this is important stuff. Let’s briefly explore what brain waves are and learn which one is optimal for […]

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